Equident Equine Toothbrush


We are pleased to announce the arrival of an exciting new product to the equine world….The equine toothbrush.

I hope many of you realise the importance of maintaining healthy teeth in a horse? We have taken this a step further with this handmade purposefully designed brush.

The Equine Toothbrush is a purposefully designed brush that helps dislodge packed feed stuck in the diastimas (gaps) between molars, pre-molars & incisors to help reduce the build up of tartar on canines.

Equident brushes come in colours: red, blue, yellow and green. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a specific colour.



Packed feed. If left, it can lead to periodontal (gum) disease. So it’s up to you as owners to help reduce these risks as much as possible.

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You brush your teeth twice a day. So why not your horse? Even once a week can make a difference.

Key Benefits
For all horses,
Easy to use & clean with
Useful to remove packed feed from diastimas
For horses without dental problems
Can help prevent mouth discomfort & reduce tartar
The brushes are presented in an easy to store pouch which keeps your brush clean.

Additional information


Blue, Green, Red, Yellow


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