The Equine Dental Clinic

Our equine dental clinic provides a clean, spacious, well-lit and controlled environment for performing routine and advanced dental procedures requiring veterinary attendance. Equipped with Monarch Handling Stocks for improved safety, the use of the handling stock is especially useful in situations where horses are not regularly handled, this means they can be restrained easily and safely without fear of injury to horse or handler. An equine veterinarian is also available on site.


"I cannot recommend Victoria highly enough! I have used her services for nearly 10 years with consistency of treatment helping my previous aged mare reach 34 years old with no teeth issues. Victoria is now working with my 28 year old to maintain her pearly whites and my 9 year old loves having a rasping! A great professional service and greater friendship."

Buckinghamshire Area

"I run a livery yard and have used Victoria for many years for all my own horses as well as my clients. Victoria is extremely professional and thorough, always taking time to explain her work and undertake only what is necessary and best for the horses. She has a kind and patient manner and a good working relationship with the vets. I highly recommend Victoria."

Berkshire Area

"Victoria has been looking after my horses' and ponies' teeth for nearly ten years. She is very knowledgeable in all areas of equine dentistry and has a calm manner which is ideal for my rescue animals. As well as being meticulous and skilled she is always punctual and her instruments are scrupulously clean. I highly recommend Victoria."

Berkshire Area

"Having a huge variety of horses to deal with, each with varying temperaments which were handled accordingly. Having had several horses arrive that have had no previous dental treatment or have shown problems in their mouths, we have always noticed a positive chance once Victoria has worked on them. Victoria always provide an all round first class service and is very reliable."


"He was resistant to any rein contact and quite unpleasant when worked Naturally Victoria was my first port of call. Victoria came on a Sunday afternoon, and quickly assessed that his teeth were in a terrible state. Smurf is young, big, clumsy and quite highly strung, many dentists would have tried there and then to treat him. Victoria was so sympathetic and not wanting to distress Murphy any further insisted that he be treated under sedation by my vet. Victoria treated Smurf a week or so later, under IV Sedation, even then he was still pretty tricky!! Victoria was patient, calm and totally professional through-out, explaining with each step, what and she was doing and her reasons for doing so. Frequently pausing to give Smurf a break from the intensive work she was carrying out. I am pleased to report that one month on Murphy is back in work and behaving like a dream - All thanks to Victoria!! I will not use anybody else for my horses teeth."

Katie Higgins

"to see both my horses which were in desperate need of some dental attention. Victoria is professional, thorough and excellent value. I am so glad to have found such a good local Equine dentist. She has made a vast improvement to both my horses;an ex-racehorse that went from being very fussy in her mouth to being placed every time out now in her events and a young horse that has progressed up the grades to Novice level in just one season, largely helped by their happy mouths!"


"My newly acquired horse had several dental problems and spent a year being ridden in a hackamore as his mouth was so bad. I knew very little in the beginning about horses teeth, but Victoria educated me, showing what the problems were and how to deal with them. Rocky does not like his teeth being done, but then I don't like going to the dentist either! Victoria is always to kind and patient with him and it doesn't matter how long it takes or how difficult he is, the job's always done with patience, kind words and lots of smiles and laughter. I would have no hesitation in recommending her for even the most difficult of horses."


"I have been using Victoria Axten for 8 years now and during that time I cannot praise her enough for both her work and professionalism. My horse Shannon has always had problems with his canines - they become very built up with very thick plaque. Victoria spends huge amounts of time cleaning and sorting this problem, for which I cannot thank her enough. She is always punctual and very efficient in her dealings with my horse. She always talks me through exactly what she is doing and why, which is reassuring as an owner. In fact I wish my dentist was as thorough as Victoria! I have no hesitation to recommend Victoria Axten to anyone who needs their horses teeth attended to - Thank you so much."

"She communicates extremely well with clients, vets and yard staff, always smiles and who’s time keeping puts me to shame. Victoria has no problem discussing cases or asking for veterinary involvement. She is a pleasure to work with and goes out of her way to ensure client satisfaction. I have known Victoria since 2003 and can recommend her whole heartedly."

Michael A Byers

"I was so impressed with her the way she explains what is happening within your horse’s mouth and how she shows you exactly what she is seeing, I have been recommending her to everyone I can. Bella has had some problems with her teeth, but since having Victoria she has been fine with no problems. Victoria gives the best after care service and is great at being organised with rebooking the next appointment. I have received nothing but 5 star treatment from Victoria and intend on having her for many years to come. Thanks Victoria"

Nicole Fuller

"Victoria was recommended by our yard owner at the time. She has looked after many of our horses and has always been sensitive to their individual needs. She is a very friendly, approachable person & offers helpful practical advice for the care of your horses teeth. She always maintains a high level of professionalism when dealing with a client and her equipment is scrupulously clean and well maintained. We have been very happy with the level of service we have received from Victoria and have recommended her on many occasions to other horse owner's."

Jo Dunstan

"As the Group Organiser and also in overall responsibility for the ponies, I have always found Victoria to be very professional in her work, very aware of the problems and characteristics of each of our ponies which she has regularly treated over these years. Apart from the above, as a person we have always found her to be very generous, caring and cheerful and would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who needs a first class equine dental technician."

Sally Merrick

"I find her to be extremely professional in every way. She is always punctual and cheerful. I am completely satisfied with the service she provides."

Pearl Grace

"Being of the sensitive type, Ronnie needs careful management when it comes to dental care! He is especially sensitive around the ears and can be nervous with strangers. Victoria's positive but empathetic approach wins his confidence and he tolerates every visit very well (without Sedation!). I arrange to have routine checks performed every 5 - 6 months but on the odd occasion when I think there could be a problem, Victoria can always be relied on to pop in and advise or treat in between. Victoria has an exceptional relationship with many Equine Veterinary practices should sedation be required. Ronnie and I highly recommend Victoria & for Equine Dental Services"

Shelley Blackburn & Blackburn's Purple Ronnie- aka Ronnie

"The first time she came I thought she was far too young to know anything about horses, and far too small to handle even a medium sized one. How wrong can one be !."

Limpsfield Chart
"by the end of the treatment she was totally relaxed and knew that she was making her feel better. Victoria completely took her time and spent a while just talking to Scarlet as she knew she was scared. Having never experienced equine dentistry before I was hesitant about it too after hearing a lot of scary stories, but it couldn't have been better, everything was explained step by step to me as we went along. Victoria was very friendly, reliable and gives an excellent service to both people and their horses. Highly recommended!"
Amy Sutton

"a breath of fresh air when She comes and Tuchman, who is by no means an easy animal with strangers, seems to take it without complaint. I’d recommend her to anyone."


"I have now known her for about fifteen years and she has looked after my six horses for all that time. She is an excellent equine dentist with all the time and patience to spend on even the most difficult horses. It's always a pleasure to see and chat with her and we have spent many happy mornings putting the world to rights."


"I have known Victoria for nearly nine years now and throughout that time Victoria has been my equine dentist. I found Victoria via the internet so I knew no history of her. After the first appointment I knew she was trustworthy and caring. She didn't just want my money. Over the nine years of using Victoria she has always been reliable, honest and thorough. This is what I look for in a dentist. I now work for a equine charity and still use Victoria , she has been more than kind as to give the charity a small discount of which we are truly grateful. I do recommend her to anyone who owns a horse or pony. From my experience within the horsey world it's often difficult to find people you can trust. I look forward to working with Victoria for many years to come."

Lisa Jamieson

"He is extremely special to me so looking after him and especially his teeth is very important. Victoria is always very patient and always does a great job with his teeth. Recently due to old age Rory developed a lump in his mouth on the gum which was getting in the way of his eating. I was naturally very worried and called on Victoria straight away. Victoria discovered what the problem was and we subsequently called the vet to removed the lump. Victoria then ensured all of his teeth were rasped and he soon got back to normal straight away. I would recommend Victoria to look after your horse’s teeth as you always get a very reliable and friendly service and Victoria always puts the horse first."


"I had never heard of this before. Victoria explained the implications and what this meant. I asked Victoria if she believed that because he had a slant mouth would it affect his way of going. She was very helpful in what she was saying to me. Victoria also let me feel how sharp some of my mares teeth were, this then gave me a better understanding of how sharp horse's teeth can get within the 6 months they do not have their teeth checked. Victoria was very friendly from the moment I met her and was very clam with the horses. She didn't stress them out. She was very careful when putting on the equipment and she was also very safety conscious. I would and have recommended Victoria to my friends and will continue to use Equine dentalcare as my equine dentist."



Dental records are maintained for all those treated, and I make regular contact with all of my customers by communicating reminders for inspections or treatment. I use ‘Natural Horsemanship’ when ground handling, treating and working with horses. My handling techniques are kinder and gentler than traditional methods and help develop a rapport with horses. I actively promote working alongside veterinary professionals not only where sedation and x-rays are required but also in advanced dental cases ensuring the best progression for that particular patient. Equipment is disinfected for full protection against bacterial, viral and fungal contamination to ensure against the spread of contaminates between horses.

Please note: I will not perform any work on animals / equines without a current Tetanus Vaccination. This is required as preventative protection against the chance of Clostrium Tetanii infection.